Canadian Baptists of Norfolk

About Us


Our mission is to support, equip and empower our member churches to fulfill Christ’s mandate, and to represent their common interests.
Our vision is to see every church participating, each church growing, and other churches asking.

At the heart of our faith is a shared belief in God as He has revealed himself in the Holy Bible and in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We wish to honour God in all that we do.

Because we believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God and is the authority for the church’s teaching we want to honour and abide by its teachings.

We desire God to empower and bless our ministries and so we want to seek His guidance through prayer. Therefore we wish to make prayer a significant part of all that we do.

We understand the primary expression of the church to be a local congregation of individuals who have professed their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and have gathered together desiring to share worship, fellowship, mission and to undertake activities together in such a way that they truly accept Christ’s mandate to undertake the Great Commission he has given.

We recognize that God has a unique purpose for us to full fill together in reaching out to others whether they be individuals, congregations, other faith groupings, secular agencies or the public at large within the geographical area of our association.

Family of Baptists
We will respect our sister Baptist congregations of CBON as autonomous and equal entities and will seek to enhance relationships among them through the principle of voluntary association of congregations while taking our place as constituent elements of the Association of our area and Canadian Baptist of Norfolk 

Partnerships – Collaboration
We wish to foster relationships and partnerships with and among Christians both on an individual and corporate level in a way that encourages individual equality, personal responsibility, Christian grace and the spiritual growth of all with whom we come into contact. It is important to us to also promote and enhance the unity, solidarity and good reputation of our member churches as the Holy Spirit empowers and guides us.

The CBON BOard

Come take part in our family gathering!

Who the Board Is
The CBON Board is a group of people representing our 12 congregations.  
Each member church may appoint both a layperson and their Pastor to be member of the board. Either the lay member or Pastor may vote on behalf of their church and shall be considered voting members.

All Are Welcome!
Our meetings are not just for business.  We worship together, learn together, pray together, and fellowship together.  It's a great way to get to know people from other congregation and to find out what is happening at other churches and in our community.
Other church members, adherents, and guests are welcome to attend the board meetings and participate in the discussions, but do not have a vote.

What the Board Does
The Board is responsible for providing activities, worship, fellowship events and programs to assist and support member churches in accord with CBON’s statement of core values. The Board is also responsible for reporting back to the association churches and for representing its member churches to other levels of the denomination, other agencies and the general public when required.  The CBON Board meets at least four times a year to assist the association churches to fulfil our shared mission and vision.

Oneida Baptist Camp has been involved in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and in Christian education since 1950. Since 1951, over 15,000 campers have experienced God's Love at Camp Oneida.

Oneida's purpose is to teach, witness and bring children, teens, and adults to a place in their lives that Jesus becomes an integral part of their lives -- and that such an experience at camp will produce fruits in their life that result from their decision for Christ.

CBON is one of three associations of Baptist Churches that supports and oversees Oneida Baptist Camp. We appoint one representative to the Board of Directors and three additional representatives to the Camp Committee that oversees and is responsible for the running of Camp Oneida.

We also support Camp Oneida through our finances, our volunteers, and our prayers!

Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ)
Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec is a family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom. CBOQ exists to equip churches and leaders as they engage in their mission from God in their community.
CBOQ supports local churches and their communities by training leaders, supporting innovative ministries, responding compassionately to social needs, responding to crises and providing churches with administrative and financial services. In partnership with local churches, CBOQ also plays a collaborative role in seeding new expressions of church for today. By providing resources for churches and leaders, CBOQ seeks to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbours and share with others the love he has shown us. 

CBON is a Part of the CBOQ Family
CBON is one of 16 formal regional associations and one informal group that make up the CBOQ. We have voluntarily have chosen to work collaboratively through CBOQ because we are stronger when we minister together as the Body of Christ.
Each CBON congregation has also covenanted to work together with other
churches and associations through Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

Our Larger Baptist Family
As part of CBOQ, we are also part of a larger Baptist Family that includes Canadian Baptist Ministries (our Canadian and Global mission organization) and the Baptist World Alliance 

Norfolk Baptist Women
Baptist Women in Norfolk and throughout Canada have a long history of joining together to support ministry and mission in our communities and around the world.
Norfolk Baptist Women includes women from our CBON Churches as well as from the Assembly of Friends in Hagersville. They host meetings in May and October, as well as hosting a World Day of Prayer service in March.

Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ)
Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ) exists to facilitate authentic experience of God and intimate connection to mission.
CBWOQ supports women in local churches through events and resources, empowering women to reach out to others locally, nationally, and globally.

Our Partner Ministries

We are thankful to be part of the Baptist family!